Ladies                                      $30 
Gentlemen                             $20 
Kids 1-9                                   $10 
Kids 10-12                               $15 
​Teenagers                              $20^


Blow Dry                               $20 
Thermal Style                      $25 
Shampoo and Set                $20 
Bridal Style                           $60 
Formal Style                         $45 


*Consultations are FREE! Call today to set up an appointment.
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Hair Services
Prices are subject to change at any time without notice
Perm                                       $80 
Relaxers                                 $90 
Spiral Perm                            $90 

Full Color                                            $65 ↑
Retouch                                               $45 ↑
Full Foil                                               $75 ↑
Partial Foil                                          $55 
Custom Foiling                                  $85 
Color Cleansing                                 $25 
Double Processing Blonding         $75 
Eyelash Tint                                       $20
Eyebrow Tint                                     $15

Color Correction   
Price to be given after complimentary consultation

Color Add-On 
Accent Foils                        $3 per foil 
Gloss                                     $15 
Finishing Tone                   Consult

**Color services above include a complimentary blow dry.

All Lake Erie College students receive 10% off services with student ID 


Deep Conditioning Treatment              $15
Damage Remedy Moisture Treatment            $22
Damage Remedy Strength Treatment            $22
Damage Remedy Hair & Scalp Renewal        $42

*Priced on length and thickness of hair
*Our staff is on a leveled pricing system based on years of experience and level of education in their field. Therefore, pricing varies between $5 and $20 per level. The price is also determined by length and thickness of hair.