Makeup & Lashes
 Makeup Application       $25  

 Bridal Makeup                $35  

 Airbrush Makeup           $50

 False Lash (Strips)        $30  

 Eyelash Tinting             $20

 Eyebrow Tinting           $15 

All Lake Erie College students receive 10% off services with student ID 

Why Airbrush Makeup?

1) All Day Stay

Most airbrushed makeup is silicone based, which means it lasts longer and is more water resistant than regular makeup. It’ll be able to withstand most of the hugging and kissing that will inevitably happen throughout the wedding day.

2) Flawless Finish

Airbrushing allows for makeup to be applied evenly, creating an impeccably smooth finish—perfect for the hundreds of pictures that you’ll be taking all day.

3) Minimal Makeup

Airbrushing requires less product for more coverage. Because of the spray technique application process, a minimal amount of makeup goes a long way.

4) Easy to Layer

Since you can apply airbrush makeup in such a fine layer, it dries super quickly, so you can add more layers for coverage if you want. 
What is Eyelash Tinting?

Eyelash tinting will benefit people that are sensitive to make-up, people who are active in sports (especially swimming) and people who have no time to apply make-up daily. This process is also ideal for people who wear contact lenses because they don't have to suffer putting on mascara any longer.

The process involves a quick and non-surgical procedure using vegetable dye as tint. Compared to putting on mascara, the effects of eyelash tinting is very natural. For this reason, most salons and spas cannot lighten the color of your natural eyelashes.

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