Airbrush Tanning
Tips for a longer lasting tan:
*Exfoliate at least 24 hours before your spray tan
*Shave/wax at least 24 hours before your spray tan
*Do not bathe/shower at least 24 hours after your spray tan
*Avoid salt water or chlorine pools for 18 hours after your spray tan
*Do not create sunless barriers on your skin the day of your spray tan
       Do not apply lotions, creams, or perfumes
       Use deodorant sparingly
       Remove any make-up prior to your spray tan
*Wear loose fitting clothing and remove jewelry

        Cosmetic tan will wash off in the shower. Your tan is not gone. The cosmetic tan is a bronzing self-tanner that shows up that day so the technician can see where applying.

All Lake Erie College students receive 10% off services with student ID 

Half Body $12.00
Tan upper or lower body only. Good for someone who just needs their legs tanned.

Full Body $22.00
This is the most requested spray tan. Each tan is customized to the clients body by using our slimming technique. Customized tanning by a spray technician give you the most natural and flawless looking tan.

Exfoliate and Tan $45.00
We recommend you exfoliate prior to any spray tan service. Enjoy both on the same day to achieve the best color and application!

Double Tan $30
Two whole body sprays in one session.This tan resembles the tan body builders use for competitions.

We offer customized airbrush tans for all skin tones! We can help you achieve the exact color you want. The entire process only takes approximately 15minutes so you're in and out! 

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